The Beginning

_MG_1080Here’s a formal welcome to what will definitely be an interesting blog. May I say this is possibly the fifth blog I’ve tried to start in about 3 years?

But, based on where I am now in life, I believe it’s just time to document my thoughts, and to also pour out what I believe has been deposited in me by God.

I have been reluctant to release my inner thoughts publicly, not because I’m a negative person, but more because I have been struggling with wondering whether or not people will even care, or will feel put-off, or whatever else. But, living in regret isn’t flattering to anybody. I’d rather release the things and pray that my intent and the overall content can be used constructively.

I have the deep desire to encourage persons even while I’m on my own walk and learning to grown in Love and Grace. This is through public speaking, singing, writing poems, and music generally.

I also am a strong believer in romantic love, and believe that the body of Christ needs to nurture the Godly way of loving more publicly so that persons may understand that God cares about that too. So you’ll also witness expressions of love as I also want to help to develop a ‘bank’ of Christian love songs and other expressions. To explain a bit more, it would be that these expressions endeavour to be void of idolatry, but instead are nested in admiration, honour and respect for one’s partner.

With all of that said, know that the thoughts expressed will be very real, as I believe it’s important for Christians to speak about the real things that affect us. This is so that we can collectively learn to understand what God is saying about the particular situation.

Finally, the thought is that I’m an ‘artiste’ or a ‘minister’. But, truly, I’ve come to really realise that titles bind us; we get obsessed with the titles and try to earn from same, and command a certain type of ‘respect’ BECAUSE we are this thing, when what God really wants is for the Gospel to be going out into the world – untainted. Once we have the conviction to move in our calling, that should be enough assurance or security in what we are doing.

I’ll never claim to be perfect, and I welcome fellowship as I continue learn that we need each other to grow in this life. It’s been a long road, and by God’s grace, there are a lot more steps to take.

Looking forward to journeying with you.

Blessings and Love.

||Niala Dei||

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