Answer Purpose; What do you have to lose?

It’s been WEEKS! So, I had to break the silence.

I’m making preparations to make some major purposeful steps in my life and as I write this, I also write to challenge myself.

You see, there are so many of us who are just bubbling with ideas and energy, and moreover, what God has deposited in us…and, it just stays there – untapped. The reasons vary, of course. But the most common ones include:

  • Fear of Perception
  • Doubt in abilities
  • Pride
  • Rebellion

Whatever the reason you may be delaying your answer to purpose calling, I want you to ask yourself this question:

What do you really have to lose?

To address each of the reasons, let’s examine possible outcomes according to the question asked.

Fear of Perception. We’re so familiar with the notion that a prophet is not appreciated in his/her own homeland. We’re also aware of the fact that we can’t please everybody. On top of that, we know that sometimes, we’re just not everybody’s cup of tea. So, whether or not you look like you’re taking steps in vanity, or you’re doing things off your own volition and passing it off as God’s direction, just remember that you weren’t commissioned by them. It’s not to say you won’t be mindful of how you structure things, say things, and do things, as your purpose is actually in place to direct you on how you are to serve others. However, it should mean that you seek God’s guidance in all that you do so that you stay aligned to His will and His command… and so even if you fall under persecution, or the like, it will be that you’re undergoing this having done so according to God’s will and direction. In that case, in asking what you really have to lose is challenging you to weigh what’s important…. pleasing people who just may fall away from you anyway, or carrying out what God has commissioned?

Doubt in Abilities. All of the greats started somewhere. You’ve got to decide to do it before you get anywhere with it. Moreover, if you’re doing something for God, it’s important to remember that He’ll never leave you to walk alone. In that case, He will equip you while you grow. So, technically, it’s not you relying on your ‘own’ strength. So, what do you really have to lose? You stand to gain new strengths and abilities, really.

Instinctive Pride & Rebellion. Interestingly enough… the previous two reasons can easily fall in this category. This aspect of pride really is defined by putting oneself before the will of the Lord. It’s the statements that usually sound like: “No, I’m not about that life.”  “I don’t feel like doing that.” “I’m too shy for that.” “I don’t think I’m ready for that.” … Now, these statements don’t seem ‘horrible’. In fact, they seem quite feasible and are seemingly evidence of a well-thinking person. But, think about it. If God is not only nudging you but opening doors to allow you to carry out the tasks He’s assigned… don’t you think He believes you’re ready? Why not yield to what He requests and journey with Him and see where that takes you. What do you have to lose in being obedient? And if you do lose something, is it worth blatantly choosing yourself over what God desires?

But, for this last reason, I dub it instinctive because it’s actually not according to our ‘nature’ to obey God. It’s for this reason that Christianity is nested in a choice. You choose to believe that Christ is your Saviour. You choose to walk according to Christian standards versus the world’s. You choose then, to be obedient and do what He has asked of you…above what comes natural.

All I’m saying is that answering purpose does come with challenges, but when you really check on what it is that you may lose and what you stand to gain, they really won’t balance out once your heart and spirit are in the right place. It’s not easy – I know. But it’s worth it.

Let’s walk together, boldly in purpose.


|| Niala Dei ||

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